Top 5 Things the Basic Witch Needs

July 30, 2019 Education

A Guide to the Basic Witches Tool Kit

Whether you’re a novice or you’ve been practicing your witchcraft for a long time, you must be prepared. Below I’ve outlined the top five things the basic witch should have on him/her and in her magick tool kit at all times, because what if you’re invited to a seance last-minute?! Jokes aside, you should be prepared at all times. I’ve outlined exactly how to do that for you.


#1. Crystals

Can you really be a witch without carrying around your trusted crystals? (Yes, technically of course you are still a witch.) Whether it be for their energizing powers or just jewelry, there’s no doubt that crystals are essential for the basic witch to carry at all times.

Some favorite crystals:

      Quartz: this little bad boy does it all. Smoky Quartz for warding off negative energy, Rose Quartz  for love and attraction, Quartz even amplifies the energy of any other crystal near it. 

      Ruby: Ruby increases your blood flow and stamina. It’s recommended that you place it near either your sacral chakra or soul chakra, in order to maximise full power!

      Amber: This gold-and-white crystal helps with the “blah” mornings even more than coffee does… amber harnesses the power of the sun to stimulate a more positive and energetic attitude.

      Amethyst: Are you easily drained? Try carrying an amethyst; it literally creates a field of protective energy around you to help with negativity and fatigue.

      Carnelian: Coffee to the tenth power. Carnelian makes you feel alive.

      Seraphinite: The proven crystal to cure a hangover. Trust me. It works. (Just.. don’t ask how I know that. Thanks.)

      Fluorite: Perfect for focus and clearing the ‘foggy’ brain.


#2. Divination Tools

Tools just make everything easier, don’t they? The combination of tools is up to you, because it varies from witch to witch. I recommend at least one of the following:

      Tarot cards: an essential part of taromancy, tarot cards measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person. 10/10 would recommend carrying all the time. I personally have been carrying around my Rider tarot deck more frequently, and its definitely come in handy! I’ve been making a lot of positive changes in my life lately, and my tarot deck has kept me on the right path.

      Pendulums: a pendulum is an extremely versatile tool for all your witchcraft needs! Learning to use a pendulum was hands down one of the best choices I’ve made in a long time.

      Runes: While I haven’t done much with runes just yet, many of my witch brothers and sisters swear by them.


#3. Oils

Essential oils may have become so much more common in the mainstream world, but that doesn’t mean we witches should abandon them. While I do not support any MLMs (please stay out of my inbox, for the love) I do think they can be helpful in clearing your mind and helping you regain focus. Plus – they generally smell pretty good! Essential oils work on your body in the most instinctive levels, destressing and just helping you breathe.


#4. Herbs and Sacred Plants

Crystals, divination tools, essential oils… what else could you possibly need? Herbs and sacred plants, of course. Whether it be sage, palo santo (see our earlier article on that!), sweetgrass, John the Conqueror, tobacco, cinnamon, lucky hand, or bay leaves, there’s no end to their benefits. Personal cleansing? Check. Rituals? Check. Spells? Check. Offerings? Check. Protection? Absolutely. I keep a very small medicine bag in my car that I put my mixture of herbs in. Right now, it’s rosemary and lavender. (If you’re looking at which herbs you should carry, listen to your heart. Unless you’re still learning how to do that, then you should check out this post on herbs.)


#5. Items for Ritual

Every basic witch carries at least some of his or her ritual items, just in case they find themselves in need for a last minute ritual. After all, how can you be ready for a ritual at a moment’s notice if you don’t carry them with you? Some of the common ritual items are:

      Personal Spellbook or journal

      Wand and/or athames

      Lighter and/or matches



–       Crystals

      A (super) mini-altar setup (Mine includes a candle, crystal, feather, and cloth.)

I recently brought my altar cloth, some crystals, and my tarot deck to Bryce Canyon. I’m not kidding. I loved having my crystals soaking up nature and that beautiful sunshine. Not only was I able to meditate and relax, but I also left feeling extra recharged. I also generally carry some baggies with me, in case I find any plants or findings with me. It’s come in handy more than once!


There you go – the top five things the basic witch has on him/herself at all times. Now, go out there and do your magick!


Am I missing anything from my list? What items do you commonly keep on yourself/in your car? Let me know in the comments or on my insta! I’m always looking for ways to carry a little extra magick on me.

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