The History of the Crystal Ball

October 16, 2019 Blog
history of the crystal ball

Can You Read The Future?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when the word “Fortune-telling” is mentioned? Tarot cards? Palm-reading? Or a good old crystal ball? Even those of you who have been living under a rock should know what a crystal ball is, since it has been around for thousands of years. But what is scrying? Now that’s okay if you don’t know what scrying is – not many people do. Scrying is basically the part when your local psychic looks deeply into the ball’s reflection to tell you a future we both probably don’t believe in.

Angels & Demons

Though the act of scrying has been with us since pre-historic times the crystal ball itself has been traced back to the ancient Druids like Pliny the Elder. They used to live in Britain and France in the Stone Age and used a mineral called Beryl that gives different colors when impure for predicting the future. Though the Druids suffered misfortune and were wiped out completely by Christianity 600 AD, the crystal ball remained unbeaten. It was adopted by all kinds of people for religious and other purposes. Some Christians believed they could see angels in it while many Christians were against it and labeled the poor crystal ball as a demonic object. Although the Church had waged war against it, many people believed the angelic powers of the ball and even decided to be buried with it.

Middle Ages was the time when people made the most use of crystal balls. It was not only used for magick but also for fashion. People used to flaunt their crystal balls as a powerful accessory. They were used by powerful and wealthy people to ward off any evil or sickness around them.

Crystal Balls and Science?

While the war was being waged against the crystal ball, it still made its way into the scientific world. In the hands of a very powerful man like John Dee, a renowned mathematician and an astrologer, the crystal ball helped him make the most important decision of the British History. The ball not only decided Queen Elizabeth I’s coronation date, but the Queen also made many important decisions regarding national affairs based on the scrying of John Dee.

Another famous person who has been quite a celebrity because of her work with crystal ball is Jeanne Dixon. She developed her seeing powers at a very early age and become quite a celebrity when she correctly predicted Kennedy’s election and assassination. After becoming the advisor of Nixon, she correctly predicted a terrorist attack. She made her name using the crystal balls. Must have had some sort of gift, right?

Crystal balls have faced defamation and religious prohibitions, but they still haven’t lost one bit of that shine. And why should they? There’s nothing wrong with having a little magick in our lives.

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