Smoke Cleansing Cedar Wand


Cedar and handpicked pink larkspur, wrapped with love. Enjoyed for cleansing and healing properties, keeping energies grounded and clear. Pink larkspur color varies from dark to pale pink. Cedar is known for it’s healing properties – protection, abundance, healing, harmony & increasing spirituality.

Measurement is approx. 4″.

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Smoke cleansing is step 1 in getting rid of stagnant energy, negative energy, and unwanted spirits. If its energy related, most often smoke cleansing your space and meditation afterwards is all you need. If its an unwanted spirit that’s the issue, you may require additional steps in order to get it out of your space. More often than not, it’s stagnant energy.

Times you can/should smoke cleanse:

When moving in to a new apartment
After having company over/in your space (especially in your bedroom!)
If you’ve had an argument or bad day
Every so often (weekly/monthly/etc)
When you feel like it! If you feel like smoke cleansing, smoke cleanse.

Smoke cleansing is an open practice, whereas Smudging is closed to Native Americans. Using this cedar and larkspur bundle can help anyone smoke cleanse their space and get rid of unwanted energies.

Measurement is approx. 4″
Remove velvet ribbon before burning. Light the end, wait a few seconds for it to smolder and go out (or lightly blow on it as you would incense) and then walk around your space, starting at your front door. (Or – where you feel called to. Do so intuitively.) Once you’re done with your entire space, smoosh the end of the smoking sage bundle onto your glass bowl or tray to let it out. You can re-use the stick as needed, and relight as needed while cleansing.

Only cedar wand is available, other products shown are for aesthetic visuals.


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