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Candle Magick is one of my favorite forms of magick. It’s incredibly useful for spellwork, for lighting when you need help with intentions or for adding an extra boost to your work.

These tealight sets come in sets of 5 tealights. They are the normal tealights shown (not the heart shaped candles.)

They’re great energy and powerful way of increasing blessings and prosperity.

Ritual candles are made with energy from the last full moon.

Love Me – a powerful candle to help you attract the love you deserve. This can be love from others, rekindling your love life, or even a deep self love. If you feel disconnected from yourself or your lover, this candle can help restore that bond.
Esteem – To help with self esteem, self worth, and overall confidence. This is best for affirmations and rituals to help you overcome feelings of anxiousness and feeling as if you’re not worth it. (You are.)
Grounding – for when you need to be more grounded. This candle is the perfect blend to help you reconnect and ground yourself.
Abundance – to help build prosperity. Great for wealth, money, abundance in all areas of your life. Amazing with abundance rituals, for burning through goals, and for high reaching witches.
Keep Away – wonderful for unbindings, banishing, or to get someone to leave you alone.
Psyche– to use while you practice tarot, pendulum readings, tea leaves, etc. Wonderful for learners or those experienced in the craft. This candle can help you connect to your highest self.
Communicate – having trouble communicating or not seeing eye to eye with someone? This candle can help open your throat chakra and let the words flow. Restore your relationships with friends, coworkers, or your partner. Communication is vital for a successful relationship.

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Ritual candles are fixed with specific intentions, and an absolutely powerful tool for candle magick and rituals.
These are hand poured, small batch soy wax candles. Some are fixed with crystals, as well, but they are all set with herbs that meet the specific intentions. Burn time varies depending on atmosphere, climate, and if it’s in a cup or on a plate. For best burn time, place the tealight in a glass votive holder/glass cup.
These candles can help in your craft, but should not be used in place of medicine or medical advice.

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Love Me, Esteem, Grounding, Abundance, Keep Away, Psyche, Communicate


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