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Ritual Oils have a multitude of uses. Many witches add ritual oils to their spellwork for extra magick, while others prefer wearing the oils as perfume on their body or in their hair. They can also be used to adorn candles before rituals and spellwork, added to cleansing rituals, and added to spells.They are skin safe and come in 10ml, 1 oz, 4oz, and 16oz sizes.

You can use oils:

– as perfume
– in your hair for extra potency
– added to your spell jars
– in ritual baths
– to anoint candles
– to anoint your shoes, or jewelry
– add to cleaning products to bring the energy into your home

Beatific Bring out the ultimate feminine energy inside you. Helps with fertility, sensitivity, grace, poise, and overall improves and balances your feminine energy.

Esteem Improve your overall self worth and self esteem. This sunshine in a bottle is best for those dark and dreary days, and can help ease overall anxiety and seasonal bouts of sadness.

GOALS AF This is the ultimate manifestation oil. No matter your goal – be it wealth, weight loss, hobbiest, whatever you’re trying to obtain, this oil will help you manifest your every want and dream. It’s potent. It’s GOLD. And it’s absolute magick.

Ground If you are having trouble grounding and are experiencing frequent headaches, dizziness, and foggy brain (due to lack of grounding, not a medical condition) this oil will help you reconnect with the earth and energy around you.

Hu$tla One of a kind money drawing oil that can help you grow your cash flow, but can also help you protect what you already have. This potent abundance oil can help you manifest an abundance of blessings and opportunities. Good for events, those in industries with tips, entrepreneurs, or those wanting to bring in some extra $$. Use this when you’re looking to upgrade your financial situation and lifestyle.

Mend For those looking to mend a broken heart, heal old wounds from those that have hurt you emotionally or left a mark on your self esteem.
My Name is NO To help get people to leave you alone, stop following you, jealousy, and to use during unbindings and spellwork.

Obsession To improve and increase attraction, love, and overall desirability. This can be in your relationship OR worn places you feel overlooked and under appreciated – it will help others see your incredible qualities.

Protect When you know others are trying to use dark magick to harm you or your household, protect will help protect against these attacks. It will protect you from evil, jealousy, gossip, and all forms of negative attacks thrown your way.

Purple Learning the ropes of tea leaves, tarot or pendulum reading? Help improve your overall focus and knowledge with this oil. Whether you’re looking to increase your skills or are just starting out, this oil will help you open your mind and soak up everything the universe has to offer. It can also be used during study for uni or regular coursework.

Speak Open up that throat chakra! This is a calming oil, that allows you to be open and SPEAK your mind and get those words out. Speak freely, openly, and with your heart. It comes shimmering black. All June proceeds will be donated to different BLM foundations.

Sweet on Me Self Love oil brings out the confidence boost you keep hidden away. It helps you see yourself the way other people see you, and can improve overall self worth. Use when you’re feeling unlucky, down on yourself, and ‘not cute.’ You should feel your best and this manifestation oil can help get you there.

Ritual oils are made with each phase of the moon, some being a new moon and some being a full moon. Virgo moon is all sold out, current shipments are a potent leo moon.

Oils are handcrafted, hand boxed, and handmade by me. Due to the intimate nature of these products they are not made or sourced by anyone else. Because of this (and current PO delays) it can take 3 weeks before shipment but if you read my reviews (instagram highlight) they are well worth the wait. I generally am able to ship more quickly and am getting back to my 5 – 7 day window, however, there are times it takes a bit longer due to current influx of orders (which I am incredibly humbled and grateful for!) I do not accept returns due to the nature of these products. Once an order has been placed, your handcrafted product is held and set aside for you. Most oils have a limit of how many are made each month, as I only make the batch that is set and energized by the energy of the new or full moon. These products sell out once that limit has been reached, and therefore cannot be returned once it is placed.

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Ritual oils are now released on a month to month basis and are batch based. Once they sell out, they will be available the next months release.

Want a custom ritual oil? I make those too! Shoot me a message with what you’re looking for, your intentions, and size requirements. Please note any allergies you have.

All Oils are original recipes that were handcrafted with love, patience, and blessings by Lexi. These oils are for rituals and conjuring and while they can be worn, they are not an actual perfume. It is advised to use these for candle dressing and anointing. Wearing and using them is at your own risk.

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10mL, 1oz, 4oz, 16oz


Beatific, Esteem, GOALS AF, Ground, Hu$tla, Mend, Obsession, Protect, Purple, Speak, Sweet on Me


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