Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread


View your past, present, and future from a perspective that makes sense of your complex history, provides clarity in the present moment, and gives you a bit of insight into your future. This knowledge can help you make important decisions regarding your career, romantic life, and any other areas of concern. Not only concern – but areas you wish to know more about. ** If it tries to charge you for shipping, use code PPF on this only to remove shipping charges**

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Past, Present, and Future Tarot Spread

Understand your past, live in the present, and unlock your future path with a 3 card tarot pull. By reacting intuitively to the powerful natural vibrations of the cards, I am able to shine a light on the mysteries you have been pondering for a lifetime.

Everything is focused on discovering the true intentions life holds for you. This is so that you can learn something truly revelatory about who you really are. It could be work, love, even finding a path that takes you past one of life’s most challenging obstacles. If you let your intention known, I will connect you with the vibrations of the cards.

Looking for additional information or guidance on something specific? Whether it has to do with your past, present, or future, please let me know. The reading will be done towards your intention or question. Providing some context or information is always helpful in how the cards are interpreted, but it is not necessary to complete the reading.

Please Note: A personalized tarot reading typically sent via PDF within 5-6 days of purchase. They can be sent sooner, but due to volume there may be a delay. Because of the nature of these readings, I do not share them with anyone except the email provided.

If you would like it to be handwritten and mailed, I can do that as well.




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