New Moon Ritual Candle


These ritual candles are for the new moon and come with magick energy. They are made with recycled glass, and all ingredients are under the new moon to be supercharged. Depending on your intent, you may want a specific color or fragrance. We make custom orders and can include a short spell (see our other spells on our custom spells page.)

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New Moon Ritual Candles

Setting yourself free from the stresses and constraints of everyday life is all about connecting with the power of your intentions. For centuries people have harnessed the energy of the new moon to free themselves from burdens, but it’s only possible when you commit and focus on a clear intent.

Ritual candles come pre-made with specific intentions, or custom made with your choice of fragrance, color, and sometimes glass choice. (Subject to availability.) The ingredients were set out during a previous month’s new moon to harness the true power you’ve waited a lifetime to embrace. If you let your intention be known, your candle will be created with the energy and vitality needed to set you on the path to where you want to go.

Please Note: All accompanying spells are created by me, and set-based on the specific intent you provide when checking out. If you do not want a spell or want a custom spell, please let me know. You can check out our custom spells page here.

You provide the intent for this candle. It will not work if you don’t! Keep your intentions clear, keep your goal in mind while you use this during your ritual.

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