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Herbal cleansing wands are sage free and perfect for cleansing your home or space. Whether you’re moving into a new space, cleaning out negative energy, or opening a new season with positivity, these wands are powerful and can do the job.

I recommend them after a breakup, after moving, monthly to cleanse your space, and overall give your home or office good vibrations.

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Our sage free cleansing wands are hand made and ethically sourced in Arizona, USA. Herbal cleansing wands are incredible for clearing out the negative energy in your space and creating a positive environment. If you have spirits or other negative energies that are bothering you that you can’t shake – this cleansing wand will help you clear them out.

This herbal cleansing wand includes:

Chaparral: Chaparral is a Sonoran desert native plant. It stands for perseverance, ancestral wisdom, strength, and optimism. It has a beautiful scent of desert rain, and if you place it near running water will let off a beautiful smell.
Lavender: to aid in protection, promote peace and sleep, its aromatic fragrance relaxes our bodies and minds.
Rose Petals: The beautiful Rose flower is a symbol of Magic, Love, Passion and Beauty and has been since ancient times. It adds a beautiful, deep scent and comes in a variety of colors.

Herbal wands are safe to burn but please do a patch test to be safe. Do not use if you have a negative reaction. Great for cleansing, setting intentions, making spells, meditation, etc.

Wands vary in size, small wands are 5″-6″ tall while large wands are 7”-8” tall (and about 1.5” thick.)


These herbal cleansing wands (sometimes referred to as ‘smudge stick,’ but I prefer to leave that ritual terminology to whom it belongs to) are sage-free.

*Herbal Wand information comes from their creator, Herbonyx.


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