Finding Your Peace Tarot Reading

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The ‘Finding Your Peace’ tarot reading is an 6 card reading dedicated to resolving issues that are reoccurring in your life or holding you back. It’s about facing your emotions and working through them.

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Finding Your Peace Tarot Reading

The ‘Finding Your Peace’ tarot reading is a 6 card reading dedicated to resolving issues that are reoccurring in your life or holding you back. It’s about facing your emotions and working through them. Through this tarot reading, we will go through each of the things that you’ve been facing. It will also help you understand what you need to do to get past this point in your life.

Your life has been chaotic. It’s been messy, emotional, and bordering out of control. While you may be poised and strong on the outside, on the inside you may be floundering. You are ignoring things you should be facing, and don’t know where to start or where to turn. This will help find the problems you are facing, determine how you need to face them, and review how this has complicated your life. In the end, you will receive help and guidance on navigating your life and helping you reach the peace you deserve.

Expectations For the Tarot Reading

I will do a reading in general based on the card layout I use for ‘Finding Your Peace,’ but if you have a specific scenario or situation you would like advice on please let me know when checking out.  I am happy to adjust my reading according to your needs, because in the end what matters is that you have the information you need to find your peace.

Online readings can be just as accurate as in person readings, my energy just has to be focused on you and I  need you to focus on the situation at hand. What do you need to resolve? What is holding you back? We will work through this together and come up with a plan for you.


Please Note: A personalized tarot reading typically sent via PDF on the day of purchase. This is a multi-page report, including a photo of the reading I’ve conducted for you.

If you would like it to be handwritten and mailed, I can do that as well.

2 reviews for Finding Your Peace Tarot Reading

  1. Andrea

    This absolutely set me on the right path. Lexi put so much time and effort into her reading for me and I know my life has been set on the right trajectory for me. Thank you so so much girl

  2. Victoria (verified owner)

    Lexi is an amazing reader, this reading is one of the very best that I have ever received because its very straight to the point, it cuts right through any bs and calls you out on exactly what you need to hear or may be burying down deep or telling your self is fine. The way she puts everything into words makes you really think about your life collectively and get honest and dive deep. If you are looking to grow and really fix your issues and work with your inner self and shadows this reading is for you. Its kind of like having that best friend who loves you and see’s you struggling and because that are on the outside they give you that advice you need but not always want to admit aknowledge or hear. But sometimes you need to open your eyes to fix some deep rooted problems. I am beyond blown away from her talents and so very happy that I’ve come across her page. Not only does Lexi respond quickly but her energy and how she works with you and lays everything out is hands down just phenomenal.

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