Are They Worth It? Deep Relationship Spread


The deep relationship spread is an extensive reading, for those having questions regarding their relationship. Whether you’re looking for answers or confirmation, this is the tarot reading you need. (Worried about our partner being a good spouse? How they’ll be with kids? Are they faithful?)

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This relationship spread is more of a deep reading, for those having questions regarding their relationship. If you’re wondering if you can trust your partner, if they’re going to be a good potential future parent (or step-parent,) are they listening to you beyond a surface level?

A 7 card spread that will help open your eyes to your current situation and relationship. You’re questioning things for a reason – and it is possible that it can be fixed. It fully depends on how big of an issue it is, how many issues there are, and if it is salvageable. Let’s work through your worries, concerns, and get it all out on the table.

I do not need specific information in order to do deep readings like this. While it is helpful to respond to specific situations, only a specific question (or couple) are needed to get the ultimate results for your situation.

For a deep relationship reading, you do not need to be questioning your relationship in order to get this. It may be that you have a burning question or something that’s just felt a little off, or you just want confirmation in regards to the current situation. If you’d like a less thorough reading that solely focuses on your relationship, check out our love tarot reading.

Readings are sent to you during the next 24 hours via email, in a multi-page PDF. It includes a photo of the reading.


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