An Open Letter to Witches Experiencing Self-Doubt

August 20, 2019 Education, Love
Witches Self Doubt

To: Any Witch Who is Doubting Herself/Himself

I want to tell you a few things I had to learn on my own, that no one told me, or that I never asked about. Self-doubt is hard to overcome, but it is more than possible and something that needs to be addressed and talked about.

You are not alone. You are more than enough. Everyone learns at their own pace, as they are all on their own journey. We are all together, but also, all on our own path. Do not feel discouraged by what someone else is doing – instead, be proud of what your fellow witches are accomplishing. None of us started out with a perfect craft, altar, or plan. We have all researched, shed blood and tears, failed, and risen in order to get where we are. It is part of the process. It is one of love, determination, and hard work. You will find things that feel absolutely natural to you, and things that you just can’t seem to grasp. It’s okay. Deep breath. It is part of the process.

Your Path Is All Your Own

Your path in witchcraft is your own. It is unlike anyone else’s. It will include ups, and downs. Glow during the ups, learn through the downs. You will make it through them and you will come out stronger. Don’t worry, you have the support of everyone around you. Find a mentor who is successful in a path that interests you, whether that’s with tarot, candlemaking, psychic abilities or creations. Study what they do, and learn from them. It is so much easier to go down this path with the help of others, instead of trying to go down it alone. Reach out when you need help, and share with the community when you succeed. We are all rooting for you.

Everyone questions themselves. “Am I a witch? I just have a few crystals, not as many as so and so.” You don’t have to have anything to be a witch. No fancy tools, no altar, no nothing. If you believe you’re a witch, then you are one. You will know in your heart that this is something you’ve felt for a long time. Push the self-doubt away, and embrace who you are. So what if you don’t burn a lot of candles? Who cares if you don’t know any spells? These will be important to some witches, and that’s great. It does not have to be important to you and that does not make you any less of a witch.

Your Plan Is Ever-Changing

You need to get a plan of what you want to accomplish. Keep in mind, your plan will change as the years go by. I started out obsessed with runes, but I never connected with them no matter how hard I studied. When I picked up my first tarot deck? It felt so right. I couldn’t put it down and I didn’t want to leave the store without it. You will know when you are on the right path. It won’t be easy, but you’ll want to push through and continue your journey anyway. You have a magickal purpose on your journey and on your path, one that will touch many people and help them along their own journey. Having one bad day or even a bad week doesn’t mean your plan isn’t right – it’s just part of the process and learning curve. Your magickal journey through witchcraft will change many, many times. That’s necessary, it means you’re growing. Don’t give up.

Your Success is Coming

You will be so successful throughout your journey. There is so much out there for you to learn, soak all of it up and keep going. This journey will take you as far as you want it to. Just like we will be there for you during any questions or struggles, we will be there for you to cheer you on during your success as well. 

I have seen many witches upset because someone has a similar path, sells similar items, offers similar tarot readings… we should be celebrating and lifting each other up instead of persecuting each other or being bitter. We get enough negativity and persecution already, we don’t need it from each other and we don’t need to contribute to that.

Full disclosure? I use to be so upset at witches who started out after I did, and who were more successful with their craft. I was so jealous that they caught on ‘so quickly’ or they found their path faster than I did. News flash? Being jealous or bitter gets you nowhere, and if anything it just slows you down. Being in a cloud of negativity will do nothing but hurt and isolate you. Find a source of affirmation, from yourself first, and find out why you glow and how you glow differently. It will remind you why you’re on your path, and that those around you are friends of your craft and not ‘competitors’ to you personally. If you’re struggling – reach out to me. I’d love to send you a few positive affirmation cards and a little something to brighten your day.

Reach Out When You Need Help

That being said – If you have any questions about your journey, about your craft, about witchcraft, in general, please reach out. To myself, to someone else, we are all happy to help you on your journey and I”m sure there’s so much we can learn from you as well! 

Don’t wait until Monday. Don’t ‘start tomorrow.’ Start today. You are ready for your journey. You can do this. The only person doubting you is you.

Love Always,

Lexi / Wandering Moonchild


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