Mercury Retrograde is Over. Now What?

August 13, 2019 Blog, Education, Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde 2019

We’re finally free from Mercury Retrograde (for now) and THANK GOD! A very hearty congratulations to those rare fortunate souls that have managed to survive unscathed. But for the rest of us unfortunate ones who are prone to mistakes, you might want to start fixing things up for yourself.

Here are five things you should do now that Mercury Retrograde is over.

Time to Own Up!

The first thing you need to do now that Mercury retrograde has passed is own up to everything you’ve done during the time. You want to start with a clean slate for all the good things that are about to come in your life. Start with the little white lies or half-truths you couldn’t help telling because we all know how unreliable communication can be in retrograde. Next, it’s time to admit you’ve been quite impatient during this period and may have almost caused a few problems. Or you might have cursed a few people out unnecessarily. Happens to all of us, right? End retrograde on a good note & apologize to everyone you may have interacted irrationally with. Take responsibility for your actions, learn from them, and be better.

Be Positive and Grateful

The Mercury Retrograde is over and you’ve owned up to everything you’ve done. Now it’s time to be positive! Be positive about what your future holds for you and all the good things retrograde must have brought you (along with all the trouble.) Every cloud does have a silver lining, you just need to find yours!

Be grateful to everything good that has come with the retrograde; all the loved ones the retrograde brought back to you, your sense of timing, an old flame maybe? But do be careful of the loved ones that might be wrong for you. This retrograde should have shown you who you’re true tribe is, and you need to leave the rest of it behind. (Not necessarily forever, but for right now.)

A good way to forget about people who are bad for you is to write their name down on a piece of paper. Fold the paper away from you, and place it in the back of your freezer, or bury it in your garden. You will start to forget about these people, slowly but surely. Leave them be, and keep them out of your life until it’s time for them to return. Keeping in mind – this may never happen. Accept that some people are not meant to be in our lives for good, and be grateful for the time they spent in our lives. Get rid of the negativity, whether it’s people, energy, or vibrations.

Do Some Much Needed Soul Searching

It’s time for you to reflect on your life and bask in the glow of all the changes. Elevate your soul searching to the next level and find some new purpose in your life. This could be a new business venture, a new volunteer project, new travels, or anything that will keep your vibrancy positive and high. Stretch yourself – do not settle.  The point is to utilize all the changes that have been happening in your life to create new possibilities for yourself for a better, happier life.

Prepare for Uranus Retrograde 2019 – 2020

Let your intuition guide you. Uranus is here to change you for the better if you’ll let it. (I know how stubborn you are.) Now. I know what you’re thinking. “Another Retrograde?” No, no. Don’t be scared. Uranus Retrograde is everything opposite of the Mercury Retrograde. Uranus Retrograde will bring you all the love that you desire! No joke, Uranus in retrograde creates opportunities to take your relationships to newer depths. This does not necessarily mean taking them to the next level – but you should be communicating better with the people in your life. Positive change should happen in your relationships. The best part of this retrograde is that it’s here to stay for five whole months!

Uranus Retrograde starts from 11th of August to the 10th of January, 2020. According to Astrology King, this retrograde brings harmony, peace, and beauty in your relationships. Keeping in mind- this is only if that’s what’s meant to be in your relationships. While I believe people can change, if people are bad for you – Uranus will bring that out and this could mean breakups.

Uranus does shake things up. Uranus in retrograde is, in fact, the retrograde for change. Take this as a sign, the universe will be nudging you in the right direction but you need to follow its hints and signs. This could mean breakups if that’s what’s needed. You will be enlightened to how to respond to things better, more rationally, and you should really use this to your advantage. Have those deep conversations! Take about life, love, and where you want to be. Your relationships will be better for it, even though that may mean some may not last. The universe is on your side, and it’s here to give you a healthy kick of self-love. Because of this, your life could experience some shake-ups. You will be better off for them.

Uranus Retrograde is here to give you five months of self-love, enlightenment, and new visions for your relationships. Find your renewed purpose on life, and take it to the next level. Good Luck!


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