Witches and Their Magickal Cats

August 15, 2019 Blog, Education
witches and cats

Witches & Cats: A Magickal History

Black Cats – Good Luck? Or Bad Luck

Cats are purely magickal creatures, and their supernatural abilities have been revered as well as demonized since ancient times. Depending on the location and century, black cats either symbolized as being good luck, or bad luck. In 16th-century Italy, people believed that if someone was sick, he or she would die if a black cat lay on his bed. Today in the U.K., a black cat is considered lucky. In Yorkshire, England, it may be lucky to own a black cat, but it is seen as unlucky to have one cross your path. On the opposite end of that, it’s considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path, and good luck if a white cat crosses your path if you live in North America.

Even today, in many cultures, cats (especially black cats) are considered as ‘evil.’ On the other hand, cats still are the star of Halloween night. After all, no spooky event would be complete without deep feline eyes, calm demeanor and magickal vibe. It is believed cats and witches were originally associated because they were both lonely in nature, as well as magickally inclined. The two have been associated for centuries. While cats have been seen as a sign of bad luck, they’ve been worshipped by some cultures, too.

Ancient Egypt, for example, worshipped the magick creatures. In Norse mythology, the goddess Freyja rode a chariot pulled by magical cats. Freyja was in charge of death and the afterlife and known for practicing witchcraft. Heretics suspected of witchcraft were often identified by the fact that they owned a cat that was believed to do the witch’s bidding. Some went as far as to believe that cats were actually witches in disguise.

Magickal Cats & Their Witches Similarities

Witches and cats have some eery similarities, such as their sense of aloofness and an aura of mystery they carry around them. Both prefer to stay alone and seem to be peering deep in your soul as if reading what is in your heart. They are both incredibly observant, independent, and near impossible to control. They represent a feminine energy, occupying moonlit spaces, and allow their intuition to guide them.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say witches and cats are soul mates.

Cats Magickal Intuitive Abilities

Cats are incredibly intuitive. They have a heightened sense of danger, death, and disease. No wonder everyone says they have nine lives. They are exceedingly sensitive too. They would sense if someone is distressed or lonely.

In short, cats are worthy of human companions and a fantastic choice for a familiar. It’s hard to believe that such a beautiful creature was and unfortunately somewhere is considered vile. Though they can be fussy, while also embodying elegance and beauty, and the attitude suits them.

Do Cats Have Healing Powers?

Even to this day, it is a popular belief that cats have eerie healing powers. This belief is also linked with the age-old association between witches and cats. In old times, besides magic, witches would also heal the sick and injured. They were believed to bring the dead back to life. And people started believing that healing powers of witches’ stem from the black cats they keep as pets. Even today, feline therapy for depression and schizophrenia is a popular medical practice, with proven positive results.

If you’re sad, upset, or have bad energy, your cat will find you. Ever notice how when you’re sad, your cat wants to be right by your side? They may not be snuggled up with you, but they’re at your feet, pawing for your attention or trying to be near you. Maybe it’s cats that are magick, not witches? 😉

Witches & Their Felines Persecution

People associating healing with witches wasn’t something that the Christian church approved of. People approaching witches to solve their problems was seen as overstepping into the church’s authority. In retaliation, they passed a decree that made witchcraft illegal and against Christianity. They pushed the belief that magickal powers of witches were drawn from the devil. This led to the popular belief that witches were evil and, so were their cats. Some women were accused of witchcraft for simply owning a cat. As a result, for the most part of the 16th century, witches were arrested, tortured and condemned to death. They were burnt and along with them, their cats. This John of Arc styled immolation led to a deep bondage between the two and is probably the main reason for Witches’ obsession with their cats.

Witches Familiars

In 2019, many witches have expanded on their choice of familiar. Many a modern witch would currently choose dogs over small toads. That being said, it was often a cat that was chosen to be by the side of a witch and still is to this day. They are often chosen because of their independent and nocturnal behavior. They’re associated with women of formidable stature, but also one’s of danger and deception. Because of this, along with their intuition and magick, are many reasons you’ll still find a cat by a witches side.

If you’re looking for an animal whose loyalty will lie with you, a cat may be an obvious choice here. The history of witches and their feline companions goes way back, and for good reason. Cats and their witches have a strong, unbreakable bond.

Despite the lingering traces of black cat prejudice, cats have found their way back in the good graces of most countries social opinion. Its no coincidence that the popularity of cats on the internet runs parallel to the rise of the witch, and the reclaiming of the divine feminine.

Witches: honor your feline counterparts. Remember that cats have also been revered historically as well as demonized for their spiritual powers and magickal abilities. Stick together with cats. Feed those that are hungry, adopt those in need, and keep them close to your heart.

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    I hate the negivte stigma around black cats! My tuco is so loving. I’ve never met a black cat i didn’t like 💕

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