Goddess Guide

A Beginners Guide To Magickal Goddesses

Whether you follow a Goddess or Deity or incorporate them in your rituals, it’s still important to know a bit about them.

Throughout history, the Goddesses have acquired a thousand names and a thousand faces.

It is well documented that many ancient societies worshipped the feminine forms of God – most often referring to them as mother, earth, and nature deities, or as beings who personified feminine attributes. She was most often associated with nature or to an aspect of nurturing and care; although there are also many strong and powerful figures that emerged that represented destruction and war. Many of the early myths and beliefs about the creation of the world attributed to the Goddess creating the world by herself (self – fertilization).

The Divine Feminine

Our ancestors saw the Divine Feminine as the source of all that is – and they depended on her to sustain their very lives. In many of the early agricultural societies, it was believed that the Gods only prospered because of the love and wisdom which was showered onto them by the Goddess, in turn sending abundance to the peoples who worshipped them. Generally, Goddess worship went hand in hand with the worship of God – there was always a striving for balance between the male and female deities.

Goddess power is expressed in the image and stories of literally thousands of Goddesses from cultures around the world. For example, just over 2000 years ago, Cleopatra actively worshipped the Goddess Isis in Egypt and Julius Caesar erected temples to the Goddess Venus in Rome — less than 40 years before Jesus Christ was born!

Ancient Goddesses were treated with the reverence modern religions now offer to Jesus, God, The Father, Allah, Krishna, and Buddha. This is because Goddesses were called upon for everything from ensuring fertile crops and easy childbirth to attaining wealth, health or, even a peaceful death. They came to the aid of men during war, famine and in the search of love. They were with women at their birth, to their death and beyond.

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Goddesses Throughout The World

Many of the world’s cultures continue to worship, honor and pray to female deities. The Hindu, Buddhist, Tibetan, Native American, South American and African cultures are among those that always have, and continue to, commune with the Divine Feminine on a daily basis.

Like the Hindu Goddess of Fortune, Lakshmi, or the Chinese Goddess of Compassion Kuan Yin, the Phoenician mother Goddess Astarte or the war Goddess or the Greeks Athena, these Divine Females represent specific abilities and powers. Today, they can still be as powerful an energy as they were for our ancestors.

The Modern Goddess

Contemporary women need support in different ways. We no longer have to plow the fields or milk the herds. We do not have to watch our crops fail or seek shelter from storms or drought. But we are all worried about getting that important job Finding the right soul mate. Buying that great apartment or house. Getting by in the corporate world and tapping into our own abilities and powers.

The Goddess in her many forms, and faces, is as accessible to the modern women of today for divine inspiration and guidance as she was to our ancestral sisters. Yet she can also be appreciated for her archetypical meaning and for the metaphor of female prowess she represents.

On a personal level, it is time for the women of today to develop “Goddess Consciousness” which can only help to elevate self-esteem and empower personal and professional growth and allow us to assert ourselves as the nurturers and caretakers of our families and this planet.

I would like to introduce to you to some Goddesses that I have read about. I will be sharing with you some history about them and how, through simple rituals, you can invoke them in your daily lives. If you’re looking to find your Goddess, there’s a great book on Goddesses here.

This link will grow over time.

If you have a special Goddess that has helped you through a tough time – please share her with me. Tell me her name and how she has helped or inspired you.


The Goddess Guide

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