How To Get Negative Energy Out of Your Space

Bad Energy & How To Get Rid of It

Negative energy is unfortunately all around us. It sticks to your clothes, to your hair, to your room. Everyone brings about negative energy at some point, but generally, it’s something you are exposed to during your day to day routine. Most recently I experienced bad vibes and negative energy at the car dealership. There was heaps of good energy there, too, but the negative energy from the service rep clung to me for *hours.* I was able to get rid of it, but it definitely put a bit of a damper on my afternoon.

How do we respond when negative energy threatens to take away every shred of joy in our life, especially in our homes? Do we just cower in fear and let the evil engulf us? or do we take a stand and reclaim our space for good? When your home no longer feels like a place of solace and comfort, its time to take action to drive away every negative energy and forces.

How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Space:

1. Sage-ing to Clear Negative Energy

What is Sage-ing your Space?

The practice of using herbs to clear negative energy has been around for a long, long time. It dates back to native Americans burning the sacred herbs and using the smoke to cleanse their environment of evil forces  (a ritual referred to as smudging). This practice was also said to invite blessings. It comes down to purifying your space and yourself to get rid of negative energy. Saging helps purify your mind, as well. You can get a bundle of Sage, any other herb that is freely accessible such as mugwort, juniper or lavender. Saging with Cedar is also known for having a good fragrance and positive effects. Saging calls on the spirits to drive away negative energies and put you back into a state of balance, peace & harmony. It is the psychic equivalent of washing your hands before eating and is considered necessary in cleansing your space.

The ingredients of a sage kit usually consist of four to five pieces, each representing one of the four or five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and sometimes Spirit or life energy):
A shell (abalone shell is most often used) to represent Water
Unlit herbs to represent Earth
Lit herbs to represent Fire
Smoke to represent Air

Looking for a lower-cost way to sage? Grab an incense stick! The really important thing with smudging is your intentions, and cleansing your space. It does not have to be done with sage, with fancy sage, or expensive products. It’s your intentions and your energy that make this spell work. You can learn how to make your own sage stick here.

How To Sage Yourself  and Sage Your Space

To get started, open up your windows so your interiors don’t get clogged up with smoke and also so that the negative energy has an opening to leave through. Saging negative energy should ideally be done for both your own negative energy you may be carrying, as well as the negative energy of your space.

  • Before you begin your saging spell, hold the herbs near your heart, center yourself. Focus on your intentions of clearing the negative energy.
  • Light your “sage” of choice, and hold it until the flames subside and it starts to smolder.
  • Once the flames go out it will have a decent amount of smoke coming from the herb.
  • Take some smoke in your hand, and bring it over your heart, keeping the intention to clear your energy. Then bring some smoke over your eyes, your third eye, and your head.
  • It is best to carry an abalone shell or a glass bowl for any remnants to go into. Many people also use a feather to help guide the smoke into every crevice. The smoke should go into cupboards, through each room, into your closet and each space. Simply walk through your rooms in a clockwise direction while actively rebuking all negative energies present. The smoke from the sage, herbs or incense will drive away all of the negative energy while inviting positive vibrations.
  • As you sage, visualize yourself being surrounded by loving energy. Your every breath should radiate positivity, courage, and love. Connect with each saged area, and the visualize the feelings you wish to release or attract will empower your ritual (ex: letting go of self-abuse and bringing empowerment and self-love while saging, or releasing grief and calling for unconditional love while saging your heart).

Unable to Burn Anything? No Worries

If your apartment doesn’t allow you to burn anything, but you still want to sage your space, don’t worry! Place Himalayan salt near any windows and doors that lead to outside. Wait for 12 – 24 hours, then throw the salt away. This will also disperse negative energies (ideally, put the salt into the earth). Sandalwood, Cedar, Dragons Blood, Rosemary, Clove are recommended but really any incense will do.

To Spell or Not To Spell?

Many witches like to chant, or cast a spell as they cleanse their space from negative energy. The most common negative energy spell is:

Negative Energy
You may not stay
I release you,
Be on your way
From here on out
I banish thee,
These are my words
So mote it be.

You do not need to be Wiccan or Pagan to use this spell. If you decide to use it, do what feels right. You can continue reciting the spell as you walk throughout your space, or you can say it once and then continue walking throughout your space. You can come up with your own spell, again, do what feels right. It does not need to rhyme. The intention is all on you and your vibrations, so saying what comes to mind (even if it’s just ‘Negative energy will leave this space. You are not welcome here. You will disperse and leave.’, that works.) Say what comes to mind as you sage your space.

2. Rearrange Your Space

Something just as simple as rearranging your furniture can go a long way in making you feel fresh and rejuvenated. This idea of controlling energy just by arranging our spaces has its roots in ancient culture, mostly Asian culture. The Chinese practiced Feng Shui, the Japanese, Fusui and the Indians, Vastu Shastra. And in more recent times, Marie Kondo in her book, “The life-changing magic of tidying up” talks about how to “spark joy” by keeping useful items and finding a place for less useful items.

You don’t have to go overboard and change your entire furniture set, just changing the positions of your furniture pieces is all you need to. Tweak the arrangement until you find a sweet spot that makes you feel at ease. Some cultures believe that placing your bed so your head does not face north is important. Placing a copper or glass bowl of water in the furthest corner of your apartment also is said to bring about good energy and vibrations. You are in your home every day, it should be set up in a way that is comfortable to you. By moving things around, you are ‘changing your space’ and can, therefore, disperse the negative energy there.

3. Use the Power of Sound to Disperse Negative Energy

For some people, silence is golden. To others, it drives them absolutely crazy and evokes feelings of dread and loneliness. If you fall in the latter category, having a soft tune constantly playing in the background is a good way to get rid of negative energy or vibes. You can also play your favorite tunes (I recommend having a ‘happy’ playlist) to keep you in a mentally free and happy state. No one can deny the effect “good music” has on lifting one’s spirit.

Sounds that are encouraged and recommended for this are:

  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • Nature sounds
  • Celtic and Native flutes
  • High vibrational music

If you would rather not play music you could use the constant chimes of bells or the sound of your clap to push out any negative energy from your space. This is done by going through each room, opening the windows, and clapping in each of the corners. This can release negative energy and is a free way to get rid of bad vibes in your space.

These are 3 very simple and affordable ways to remove bad energy from your home or from yourself. Keep in mind, your intentions here are incredibly powerful. If you remain negative while smudging, it will not be as impactful. Envision yourself in a positive place, in your happy place, surrounded by positivity.

Once you have succeeded in eliminating the negative, do well to maintain the positive and good vibrations. Do your best to live a life of peace and love. Add crystals and incense in your rooms, as this can help maintain balance and positivity as well.



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