Detoxing Negative Energy the Witch Way

September 11, 2019 Blog, Negative Energy

Detox Your Negative Energy

~For All My Simple Witches Out There~

Have you ever felt so drained that you are not even able to hold up a conversation? Virgo season 2019 seems to hit us all like a train. There are days when you’re constantly feeling low. Maybe you feel like you’re attracting all the negative things and there’s something constantly bringing you down? Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed, but not quite sure why? If the answer to these is yes, then you, my boo, are surrounded by toxic energy. Don’t fret! Witches everywhere are hit with bouts of negative energy. 

Imagine if you shake your hand with people all day, your hands are bound to get smudgy. Similarly, if you’ve been interacting with people all day, your energy also goes smudgy. When your energy isn’t cleansed, it starts to become toxic and full of negativity. And we all know that our vibe attracts our tribe. Now, would you want to attract toxic and negative people into your life? Obviously no!

Do you think it’s time for an energetic detox? We think so too! (This week I’ve cleansed my apartment, my car, myself, and my cat. No joke.)

Try these unique tips for getting rid of all the toxic energy that is bringing you down.

Make Intention Oils an Essential part of your Routine

Want to start your day with fresh energy? Add a few drops of your confidence oil, or attraction oil to your wrists or hair. This will get you started off on a good foot, and will help those around you as well! It opens your mind and cleanses your spirit of any bad energy that may have been caused due to sleep deprivation,  exhaustion, or overall bad energy. There are intention oils out there for everything! Attracting abundance, good karma, the list is endless.

Exercise the toxicity away!

Exercise or a fitness routine like yoga in the morning is healthy for your body, mind, and spirit. Start small by incorporating some in-home workouts, doing some lunges and arm exercises in the morning to start your day with an energy boost. 

Cleansing your Physical Space

Feeling suffocated and cluttered? It’s time for some house cleaning. Clean all your spaces and organize all your stuff. Move around your furniture, rearrange your space. You’ll be amazing at how big of a boost a new outlook will give you, even if it’s just in your room! Once you’re through with organizing, light some sage (or lavender, or juniper) and incense around your home to target all the toxic energy away from your personal space. Some crystals in your bedroom (such as onyx or black tourmaline) or living room will help you a great deal as well.

Cleanse your Breath

No, seriously! Detoxing your breath or your respiratory system can turn your day from low to high in ten seconds! If you’re ever feeling drained and depleted, send some love and appreciation to your body by placing your hand on your heart and take five deep breaths while focusing on cleaning your body of all the negativity with the clean air you’re breathing.

Detox all the Thoughts

Your brain can be a huge toxic element in your life if not cleansed of all the negativity. Many people fail to realize just how powerful their mind is. Stop the negativity. Instead of focusing on the negative, look in the mirror and point out 4 positive things you like. Spread that love to those around you, too! 

To detox your brain, use some mind exercises along with meditation. Thoughts are so powerful that you should always train them to be used to your advantage. Think of what you want from your life and how do you want it to go in a very positive way and take control of your life from your thoughts.

Negative Energy Ritual

Lastly, having a bath ritual that includes lighting some black and white candles, and soaking in Epsom salt (very cheap and can be found in the grocery store) will help cleanse your negative energy, as well as envoke positive energy to come back to you. Really envision leaving the negativity in the bath behind you, going down the drain, as if it is a physical entity. 

Please keep in mind – we all get down once in a while. We all have negative energy to cleanse. Complaining or venting does not mean ‘negative energy,’ and it’s actually healthy to get that out of your system. What’s important is what you do *after* venting or complaining. Put effort into fixing or releasing whatever is upsetting you, and reclaiming your happiness.

Try to spread love and good energy out into the world and the world will give good energy back to you. Compliment a stranger, buy the person behind you’s coffee, smile (for yourself.) You’ve got this!


  1. Kim says:

    Love this! So many great ideas 🖤

  2. Amanda Wyman says:

    Thank you for posting this 💛

  3. Marlo Nickelston says:

    At the heart of who you are you have all the answers; you know your power and you comprehend what you want.

  4. Thank you for these tips!! This was a very helpful read for me today.

  5. Wendy says:

    Thank you! I am taking so many notes! 😍

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