The Power of Moonstone

The name ‘Moonstone’ is due to it’s strong connections to the moon and to intuition. Like the moon, it is a reflective stone and is very useful in calming the emotions.

Moonstone is a gorgeous stone that can vary in color. Some moonstone is milky white color with glistening black specks. Peach Moonstone is more of a peachy color, and some Moonstone is transparent with gorgeous rainbow glistens.

It’s is sometimes known as a “stone for new beginnings.” It’s also widely known for it’s incredible ability to channel feminine energy and help the wearer with magnificent dreams and visions while sleeping.

What is Moonstone Used For

Moonstone is traditionally used to enhance psychic abilities and help develop clairvoyance.

Many tarot readers wear a moonstone ring when conducting a reading for a client – because they feel more open psychically with it on. The stone encourages the wearer to be accepting of the messages that they hear. Witches, in general, tend to wear moonstone for this same reason.

Moonstone is one of the stones that can assist in helping open people to an intuitive understanding of spirituality. If you have friends or family who have a closed mind, Moonstone is great for helping open them up to be receptive of the information they’re receiving.

It is also said that Moonstone has a powerful effect on the female reproductive cycle and that it can help in alleviating menstrual diseases. While it may not cure you, it can assist in helping. I recommend keeping moonstone in the bedroom, or a small jar of moonstone on each side of the bed.

It can help in balancing the hormonal system, for symptoms of PMS, during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Myths of Moonstone

There’s an old wives tale that says if you place a moonstone in your mouth on the full moon it will help you find out what is in store for you and your lover in the future.

Another myth is of moonstone’s potency as a good luck stone for lovers, so much so, that it is still worn today in many countries across Europe and Southeast Asia. It is said to attract a sexual partner and lover to those who wear it.

Moonstone has been known to help children who are prone to nightmares and safeguards those traveling at night. If you have to walk alone at night, or you’re having bad dreams, this crystal can help.

Some people may find that wearing a moonstone crystal around the day of the full moon may be too stimulating for them. To avoid this, remove it for two or three days before and after the full moon.

Try holding some when mediating – it will calm and center your thoughts. It has an incredible history with so many healing powers. Let me know which one is your favorite!

My Moonstone

Moonstone was actually one of the first crystals in my collection. I fell in love with the look and vibe I received from some at a local crystal shop, and have loved it ever since! My favorite (also first piece) of the stone happened to be in my purse the day I met my now-husband. I believe in the magick of moonstone and all of the powers it possess because I’ve seen it first hand. Everyone connects with each stone differently, but this has been one of the most powerful stones for me during my journey.

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