The Magick in Agate

This stone comes in so many colors and variations, it is often known as a “Spirit Stone.”

The myths of many cultures write about great cities created from gleaming agate rocks that formed roads, towers, and buildings. Cities were often built with large amounts of agate because of it’s protective qualities. Agate is definitely a stone of protection, one that is smart to carry with you as well as have in your home. While cities are no longer built from Agate, it’s still a well known, important stone.

Many folk remedies from Eastern Europe recommended creating an elixir by steeping a piece of agate in a consumable liquid. Vodka was often the liquid of choice and would be drunk to cure diseases. People have said that wearing agate would make you immune to a snake’s venomous bite. ( I wouldn’t trust that one!)

The Many Uses of Agate

In general, most agates are effective in helping the flow of communication.
With that being said:
Blue Lace Agate is phenomenal as a talisman in a pouch, as a charm, or set in a necklace. A necklace is a fantastic option as you wear it around your throat chakra. This promotes courage in speaking out and standing up to your truth.
Black and White Agates are said to make a person more agreeable and persuasive. I’m not saying you should hand them to a spouse just before a big shopping trip, but it’s worth considering.
Agates with a White Ring are called “eye agates.” These are used as powerful amulets to protect you from the evil eye, or get you out from under someone else’s spell. To avoid office gossip, keep an ‘eye agate’ in your work bag or around your desk.
Brown agates will bring victory over tough circumstances.
Moss agate is a great talisman for natural witches and will help to develop your green thumb. Place a moss agate in the pot of a plant that may not be doing so well and watch it spring back to life.

Place agates under your pillow at night to promote clear dreaming and peaceful sleep.

Additional Information About Agates

If you have a special wish, visualize a color for it. Pink for love, green for money, brown for victory, purple for spirituality, and purchase a small agate of the same color. Empower it with your wish and throw it into a river or into the ocean. (Somewhere where there is flowing water.) This will start up the flow of energy around your wish, and set you on the course to have your intentions fulfilled.

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