I absolutely love collaborations. I think being able to spread our work and positivity is absolutely incredible, and something I’m always looking for. If you’ve got a good idea for collabs not listed here, please let me know.

Current collaborations I’m interested in include:

  • Product Swaps
  • Social Media Swaps
  • Social Reviews
  • Brand Reps
  • Giveaway Collabs
  • Follow Loops
  • Guest Blogs

Product Swaps:

See something in my shop that catches your eye? If you’re a small-ish business, I’d love to swap products with you.
Product swaps include a lengthy review on the platform of your choosing. Product swaps need to come with confirmation of you being the shop owner,
and with tracked shipping. I will provide the same.

Social Media Swaps:

If you are in some way relevant to my niche (or can make a solid case as to why you think you are, haha) I’d love to feature you on my IG page, in exchange
for the same from you. I can feature a product, a new release, or help you with a countdown for something. In exchange, I’d like the same from you.
I have also done social posts for brands who sent some sort of product or tester, I’m fine with this type of trade as well.

Social Reviews:

I will review your product on social media. This is either because you’ve done a reading for me, or sent a product of some sort for me to review. This will stay
live on my Instagram and have a feature in my story as well (with a link to your site/social.)

Brand Reps:

If YOU are looking for a brand rep, please hit me up! I’d love to get you featured on my IG, and help you promote your products. Generally interested in a niche similar to my own,
skincare, clothing, or vegetarian reps. I will also consider other brands, just shoot me an email.

I am also looking for brand reps! Brand reps get 1 product at 75% off, and 20% off going forward. For every 5x your referral code is used, you’ll get an additional discount. For every 10, you’ll get another free product.

Giveaway Collabs:

Looking to do a giveaway? Whether it’s $$, or a product basket, or just a giveaway loop, reach out to me. I love doing giveaway loops. I am also interested in loops for Moms, Small Businesses, niche loops, and ones that give back to a community or individual.

Follow Loops:

I love a good follow loop! If you’re looking for sponsors, admins, or VIP ghost spots, let me know. (Especially if it is niche.) While you’re at it, check out my Loop IG at @WitchGatherings and give us a follow, join our loop!

Guest Blog:

Whether you’re looking to swap a guest blog (one on my site, one on yours) or are looking for guest posters for your site, reach out. I love blogging about anything in regards to my niche and I have a background (9+ years) in Search Engine Optimization and blogging/outreach.

If you have another idea for collaboration in mind, reach out to me. I’m open to ideas and love supporting fellow small/medium businesses.