Candle Color Magick & Their Meanings

September 9, 2019 Blog, Education

What is Candle Magick?

One of the earliest of the natural magick arts is called candle burning. It is one of the purest, most simple forms of ritual as it employs few ceremonial artifacts. Most of us have performed candle magick without even knowing it when we were children. Blowing out candles on our birthdays and making a wish is a form of magick.
Candle magick is a kind of alchemy; it represents all the elements of life-

  • Fire (the flame)
  • Air (to feed the fire)
  • Melted wax (symbolizing water)
  • Solid wax (the earth.)

Those who want their wish to come true need to focus on three magickal principles:

  • Know your aim – decide your goal you want to achieve
  • Visualize the outcome – let this vision become your reality
  • Focus on your intent – and will to manifest that result.

Many witches do not realize how important their intent is! You can’t simply say ‘hey, I want this’ and then walk away from it and expect it to just happen. Effort is absolutely necessary. You have to have a vision, and continue to make this vision your reality.

Choosing a Candle

The size of the candle doesn’t matter too much, however, you’ll want to choose one that is closely aligned with your intentions and the longevity of the spell. Most only need to burn for a small period of time, so a tealight or small candle will do. If you need it to burn periodically (say, for 2 hours a night for x number of days) make sure you buy a candle big enough to accommodate that spell.

In some cases, the spell might require unique candles, for example, a seven-day candle or a figure candle to represent someone/something.
You should always use the new candle for a spell to work. It is believed that a candle picks up vibrations from the surroundings once it is burned; thus, a burned candle is already tainted by the vibrations of items surrounding it. Some people believe it will lead to adverse outcomes of the magic or ineffective outcome.

Witch Tip: If you’re wanting to be witchy on a budget? No worries! Any (preferably white) candle will work for your spells. What’s important is your intention. The magick comes from you, not from the candle.

Choosing the candle is not just limited to the size, the color of the candle is actually one of the most critical factors of the magick of the candle.

Candle magick colors

Choosing Your Candle Color

Color is a form of vibrational energy which affects us more than we realize because every color has its own reaction our feelings and thoughts. Red, for instance, stimulates and excites us whereas blue is calming and soothing. Each color carries its personal vibratory effects of one of the planetary influences. Colors have been endowed with magick since the beginning. Different civilizations like Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese used colors for various purposes. Egyptians used them in their healing temples, Indians associated colors with their chakras, and the Chinese used them for healing purposes. You can’t live without colors; it’s omnipresent of companion throughout our lives. Each color has its own magical significance; each color possesses its unique vibrations, symbolism, and influence.

The Short List:

  • Red: Passion, Lust, Power, Energy
  • Orange: Bringing Joy, Energy, Stimulation
  • Yellow: Confidence, Creativity, Clarity
  • Green: Money, Luck, Success
  • Blue: Communication, Forgiveness, Happiness
  • Purple: Paranormal, Intuition, Healing, Psyche
  • Pink: Self Love, Friendship
  • Black: Destroying Negative Energy, Protection
  • White: Removal of Negative Energy, Peace, Truth
  • Silver: Feminine Energy, Channeling Your Inner Goddess
  • Gold: Fortune, Spiritual attainment, Masculine Energy

The meaning of color magick

The Long List:

Red Color Candles Meaning

Red color represents energy. It is commonly used for arousing anger, pure lust, ambition, and fertility. The burning of red candles is associated with bringing strength to the person.

Red candles are generally used with love spells, with resolving relationship problems, obtaining the person of your lust, and power.
If you’re looking for a color for strength, power, confidence, or to help improve the relationships in your life, red is the color of choice.

You should use a red-colored candle if you are trying to improve your love life, increase passion, bring strength, or increase power. This includes revenge spells. Think of it as ‘leveling up’ your confidence and attraction, because that’s exactly how it can help you. Red is a fiery color that’s here to help you bring out your absolute best self.

When using red candles for black magick, it brings sudden attacks, bloodshed, violence, and hatred.

Orange Color Candles Meaning

Orange Candles are a mix of yellow (mental ability) and red (activity vitality); subsequently, you have the best of the two worlds. Orange candles help in spells for attracting success, flourishing, favorable luck,  and for positively pulling in others. It is an active and confident color, used in spells for self-love and spells to improve confidence because it advances a joyful appearance.

Generally, orange candles are used for helping aid self-love, self-confidence, improving your confidence levels with sex, and improving your overall life. If you are looking for a boost in your overall self-esteem, in creating a better life, and for good vibrations, orange is a fantastic color choice.

Use orange candles for magick surrounding confidence, self-love, and self-esteem for the best results. This includes in your love life, professional life, or just all around. Many men and women that struggle with anxiety turn to the calming magick of the orange candle as well.

Yellow Color Candles

Yellow Candles are utilized to symbolize intellectual prowess, focus, awareness, inventiveness, rationale, learning, to improve memory. Utilize yellow for certainty, and to enchant.  The individual who lights a yellow flame is trying to get to the insight of the ages and earn authority of their own psychological forces.

Yellow candles are utilized to improve the psyche and bring overall mental health. Magick adores yellow since it is the shade of progress, happiness, and light.
It is underutilized and should be revered as a color of pure strength in bringing together your mental well-being as well as improving your psyche.

Candle magick with yellow candles should be used to improve mental abilities, increase your psyche, and improve mental strength overall. If you are feeling down, a combination of yellow and orange candles will do the trick.

Green Candle Magick

Green Candles are utilized in spells for new beginnings, luck, money, and nature. This significance can be followed back through the ages to when flourishing implied an abundant gather. This color is fantastic for money building spells, bringing a positive flow of cash.

Use green candles when you are looking to increase your financial position, or are trying to reconnect with nature. For money spells, be sure to ask for specifics, and for what you actually need. Simply stating that you need money is not enough – as finding a quarter on the ground is technically ‘money.’ Do not ask for more than you need, as karma is known to snub the greedy.

Blue color candles

Blue Candles are great to use in spells relating to reflection, impacting constancy and devotion, acquiring truth and light, and contact with your higher self. Incorporate a blue candle to help center your brain, and use it in spells to influence rest or to stir the mystic personality inside you.

It is a shade of motivation and clear correspondence. If you are looking to forgive someone or looking for forgiveness yourself, a blue candle can help bring about the feelings of forgiveness. In the same light, it helps with clear communication. When looking towards magick to help clear communication and clear the air, use a blue candle.

Purple Color Candles Meaning

Healing, psychic abilities, intuition… if you want to accomplish something in a significant manner, this is the color for you. Purple is also a color of royalty, and luxury, and can be used to bring about your best and highest self. This is both in mental and physical wealth.

Purple brings a more considerable amount of what you have now, in a more fabulous way. Improvement of your mystic capacity and psychic abilities is incredibly strong with the color purple. Because of this, many witches burn purple candles when doing tarot readings, or trying to manifest.

Pink Candle Color Magick

Pink candles are used in magick for adoration and for sentimental love, dedication, delicacy, love, and empathy. If you are trying to get in touch with your feminine side, pink is a candle that can certainly help you on your path. Where red embodies lust and physical love, pink manages an enthusiastic love instead of the physical structure, without the sexual undertones.

It represents the heart that is openly given without condition. Pink speaks to the most flawless type of adoration, raises vibrations, love without childishness, and unselfish feelings.

The color pink should be used for candle magick when you are looking to start a new relationship, to bring back the love and adoration in your relationship, or mend and strengthen relationships with loved ones.

Black Candle Color Magick

Black candles are utilized to battle evil and to provide protection, obliterating negative energies and deflecting dark magick. Dark opens the degrees of the intuitive personality, and is utilized in spells and ceremonies to elicit a more profound reflective state.

Dark candles improve internal quality, strength, and discretion, and can be utilized in reflection to dig further into the oblivious and likewise consumed for amazing recuperating and backing through misfortune and despondency. Black candles are burned when people are looking to kill negative energies and get rid of bad vibrations.

If you feel a negative vibe coming from your home, or even in yourself, using a black candle can help ward off this energy. Black candles absorb the negative, removing them completely. Be sure to not re-burn a black candle, once it’s done get rid of it (bury it, throw it in a trash can that isn’t your own, etc.)

White Candle Magick

White candles embody truth and peace. They are used for many ceremonies and rituals as they can also be the most neutral color, and you can use them with any intention. If you’re specifically looking to bring more peace into your life, or get the truth out of a situation, white is the candle color of choice.

Removal of negative energy can also be brought through white candle magick. This is different than black candle magick, which absorbs the negative energy. White candles bring about peace, leaving no room for the negative energy to be present.  For those suffering from shadow figure dreams, or visits from shadow figures, burning both a black and white candle before bed is said to help get rid of these demons.

Silver Color Candle Magick

Silver candles are fantastic for bringing out your feminine energy. Connect and channel your feminine energy through burning silver candles, and yu will be one lovely goddess! For those who are trying to bring about their inner goddess (and bring it more to the surface level) it is recommended to burn a silver candle each night for 1 week straight. Burn a pink candle, as well, if you are looking to really bring out your feminine energy and increase your delicacy. This is most helpful for those who are overbearing or struggling to find their inner goddess.

Gold Candle Magick

Gold candle magick is great for bringing out masculine energy or helping balance your masculine/feminine sides. This is because it’s the candle of fortune, luck, and balance. If you are looking to increase your future fortune, burn gold candles or ‘boujee’ candles, such as ones with glitter or diamonds or gold flakes.

When To Burn Your Candles

Different candles can be used for different days of the week, because of how they align with their planets. This is not set in stone. If you’re studying for a test or need some extra luck, no worries! Burn the candle of choice on any day of the week. It is believed that the days of the week just give the candles a little extra oomph, but it is not necessary for success. Remember, you are the magick, and the colors or days of the week are just helping you bring about your intentions.

  • Sunday– Gold or yellow candles
  • Monday– Silver, Grey or White
  • Tuesday– Red
  • Wednesday– Purple
  • Thursday– Blue
  • Friday– Green
  • Saturday– Black or Purple


Witches are flocking to candle magick because it works. It brings about truth, brings out the best in witches, and gets rid of negative energy or dark forces. They’re great and incredibly powerful during rituals or ceremonies, and bring about a kind of magick that isn’t found anywhere else. There are candles made with specific magick and intentions, and ones that are meant to be used with spells.

No matter what you’re using candles for, they are a strong form of magick and should not be messed with lightly. Make sure your intentions are clear, you know what you want, and you’re able to channel it. DO NOT leave candles burning unattended, ever. How you choose to use candle colors for magick is up to you, this is simply a guide.



  1. I went to the closest spiritual shop today and got a bunch of candles. I had your blog open to help me choose, but I nearly got them all lol. I’m so excited! Should orange candles be used on Sunday too?

    • lyathamshetti says:

      Orange candles are best on Sunday, but that definitely doesn’t mean you can only use them on Sunday! <3

  2. Abigail says:

    Woah so much information! I knew a little before but I didn’t know there was so much to know! I need orange and green I think x

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