Witch Wandering’s mission is to support you in any way I can along your spiritual journey. This comes in the form of oils, candles, potions, sachets, tarot readings and more to consciously create your life. Consistency creates miracles and we hope to support you in that. This shop and all attached social medias are a sacred space for those at every step of their spiritual journey of all denominations to bask in positivity, openness, honesty, and to learn and share. Therefore, anyone who threatens this in any way is subject to being blocked and banned with or without prior notice.

Witch Wandering products are non-denominational and not tied to any sort of gods, deities, religions, or anything, nor does the owner claim to worship or be initiated into any group. That being said, there may be items inspired by such deities.

My business hours are 10am – 4pm MST. I try to respond to emails and DMs during that time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you see me ONLINE outside of those hours – it’s because I also enjoy instagram and sharing content. I am not working. You are not expected to work/respond to work emails 24/7, and neither am I. I have had to create this boundary after being hounded with DMs at all hours, and people expecting an immediate response. Due to the volume of DMs I receive, this honestly isn’t feasible. I will respond to you, but it will not be immediate.

Shipping, Cancellations, and Exchanges

After placing your order give me adequate time and space to process, handle, and ship it!

-All packages are sent via USPS.

-All packages over 1lb. are sent Priority Mail and arrive within 1-3 Business days of receiving your tracking number and seeing


on the USPS tracking page. Labels are printed while I’m working on small batches of orders. If your label has been printed but it says ‘not sent to the post office yet’, it’s still likely processing but your batch is literally on my work bench.

-If you haven’t received a tracking number your order is still processing.

Items are made in SUPER small batches. All oils are poured from the master bottle to order, they never sit on my shelf (outside of sitting in the master bottles.) If you get a candle or oil it was poured and packaged within a few days before arriving to you. I know in the days of Amazon and Walmart and 1-2 day shipping this seems like a lot, but it is worth the wait. If you are in a hurry for your items, low on money, or generally impatient I advise you wait to order from me, or pay the expedited shipping fee if you need it quickly for a birthday or whatever.

Rude Customers
Those who initiate charge backs, cases, hassle me incessantly, or demand refunds will be permanently banned from purchasing at Witch Wandering. I promise I will get your order to you. I am a one woman business, and I take pride in the quality and time that goes into my products. I am not amazon.

Emails & DMs

In general, and in all honesty, emails and DMs regarding shipping and asking for tracking numbers will not receive a response as they take away from my time packing orders and actually making orders. On average, I get 200 dms each day. Some are asking about products, some collabs, some for various random things, but they all take away from creating and packaging orders and tarot readings. I respond to what I can when I can, but please be patient.

To answer the most common question “I have not received my tracking number, can I have an update?” or “what is the status of my order?”: if you have not received a tracking number, your item has not shipped. I’m always working as fast and efficiently as I can and regardless, your money is well spent. You will receive your items!

If there is an issue with an order such as you received the wrong item or something was broken, email with your order number, the issues, and photos of proof within 24 hours of item delivery. Please allow 48 hours for a response.


I do not cancel or edit orders for any reason. Nor do I give refunds for any reason. I’m not even sure why you would enter your card information and check out without being sure you want to make the purchase. There are 7 pages to get through before you hit that checkout button. My system allots for your items against what I make each month (because each item is energized by the moon energy, and there’s only so much I make each month) and it takes away from someone else. Once an item is purchased, it is yours.

Lost and stolen packages are NOT my responsibility. This IS the post office’s responsibility and it should be handled with them. Literally, there is nothing I can do, and I currently do not have the capacity to send out duplicate packages due to the negligence of others – this is materials, packaging, time, and energy spent. I advise you report the package stolen with your local police station and work with USPS to file a claim to resolve the issue. While I will do what I can and provide any info you request, once it’s been dropped off at the post office it is quite literally out of my hands.

Packages sent to the wrong address are NOT my responsibility, as I send it to the address you provide me. This is something you’ll have to work out with USPS. I do know they can forward a package to the proper address. Simply call them with your tracking number, or google ‘package intercept’ and it will allow you to snag your package and update the shipping address. If it comes back to me, I will ship it to your new address (but shipping charges will be requested.)

Shit My Lawyer Makes Me Say

Witch Wandering makes no claims or promises regarding these spiritual items and they are sold as curio only. What happens to you while using them is not my responsibility. All oils are intended for external use only. If you plan on using it on the skin always patch test before use in case you have any allergies.

You use these items at your own risk, exercise common sense when using candles especially. Do not leave unattended, do not touch broken glass, etc.

With all That Said…Contact Information:

Emailing is the best way get your questions answered. Remember not every email will get an immediate response.

Customer Service responds to emails Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please give adequate time to receive a response. Please include your full name and order number in the email, and images if relevant.

Please be professional and courteous.