3 Reasons to Have Smoky Quartz in Your Home

August 6, 2019 Crystals

Smoky Quartz & Why You Need It

Looking to combine your spiritual and mental health and well-being with a home or apartment makeover? Trying to improve your grounding in the world and ease feelings of negativity? Investing in crystals for your home or workspace is a great way to accomplish these things. Not just any crystal, though. Today – I’m raving about smoky quartz.

Smoky quartz has become my go-to answer for almost everything lately! Or at least it seems that way. That’s because it’s not only beautiful but has diverse cultural and spiritual meanings. It also has tremendous powers to combat negativity, ground you spiritually, and help you manifest your dreams and wishes into reality.

Top 3 Reasons To Keep Smoky Quartz in Your Room & Living Room

1. Its Appearance

I’ll be straight with you, I know this is by far the most shallow of my three reasons. Smoky quartz is a beautiful stone, having a grey to black coloring that varies from standard quartz’s traditional clear or whitish cloudy color. It blends so well with any colors and doesn’t look out of place no matter your decor. Smoky quartz is an absolutely beautiful crystal to have anywhere in your home, but even more important than its appearance is what it helps with.

2. Its Purpose

Smoky quartz is known to help ground those who are in need, to reduce negative vibes. One of the main reasons it’s good for your living room is because that’s generally where people gather. It helps keep positive energy in that room, regardless of the people around. Keeping your space clear of negative energy is absolutely necessary. Keeping smoky quartz in your bedroom is also good, as it helps with self-love and getting rid of negative thoughts.

3. Its Powers

Smoky quartz has a deep historical and cultural meaning. Did you know it’s known for its link to the afterlife? This is said to give the bearer an ability to speak with deceased ancestors. It’s used in many religions to connect the user spiritually to those around them. It also helps you tie to your root chakra and keeps you grounded in the physical world.

Not only this, but the crystal improves your survival instincts, creativity, lateral thinking, and helps with negativity no matter its source. This is your stone to have in the center of any arguments – why wouldn’t you want everyone to have the same clear-headedness?

Wear a piece of smoky quartz jewelry to avoid depression, anxiety, and jealousy. The stone overpowers the negativity to keep you balanced overall.

Smoky quartz is perfect for helping you to manifest your wishes and dreams and bring them into a very real connection with Earth. Be careful what you wish for, however – this crystals powers are strong and you do not want to abuse them.

Smoky Quartz & Self-Love

Your mental health and wellbeing, your spiritual connection with this planet – it all matters. Do this for yourself. If you’re feeling down, or have felt like you’ve had more anxiety, stress, or arguments than usual – put smoky quartz in the rooms you frequent most. It is also advisable to keep some in a small pouch and bring it along with you, but be sure to smudge it regularly. This can help you regain a positive outlook on life, bring you closer to those around you and mend your relationships.


Do you keep smoky quartz in your home? If not, which crystals do you lean towards, and why?

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